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Jul 23 2014

By now, the news has spread that 80 percent of recruiters look to fill openings through searching on LinkedIn.

Although I don’t think this is the best use for LinkedIn (sitting around waiting for a call), there is still a chance it could happen. So learning how to rank your profile for certain keywords is a worthwhile use of your time.

How Agency Recruiters Find You

During recruiter training, recruiters are taught to NOT use LinkedIn to search for LinkedIn profiles. They use Google’s advanced searching queries instead. Let me explain:

LinkedIn’s search algorithm often returns anonymous results, and it’s really not very sophisticated. Essentially, it counts the number of times the search term appears in a profile, and the profiles with more keywords win. As a consequence, people have started packing as many keywords as they can at the bottom of their profiles. It works – they rank. But they aren’t necessarily the best choices for recruiters.

Google’s search algorithm, on the other hand, simply overlooks keyword packing, and instead looks for “relevance” by finding the presence of keywords in five key areas of your profile:

  • Professional headline
  • The title of your current role
  • The title of your past roles
  • Summary statement
  • Specialties

For example, a recruiter might enter the following advanced search string into Google when looking for a CFO living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Try it yourself to see this in action:

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Jul 16 2014

Can’t stop humming the Korean pop sensation “Gangnam Style”? You’re not alone. The catchy K-pop dance video just made the Guinness Book of World Records for most liked video in YouTube history. That’s a lot of thumbs up for artist PSY and his hilarious send up of Korean pop video tropes. Your video resume may never go viral, but there are
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Jul 09 2014

I was reading Chris Brogan‘s newsletter and really resonated with a paragraph of his about how using the same message across all social media platforms is just wrong. He didn’t spend much time on it, though, so I want to elaborate. By the way, Chris Brogan is at the forefront of social media and internet marketing. He’s been blogging since
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