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Aug 27 2014

Business woman working onlineThrough social media, the world is connecting in entirely new ways. We use Facebook to catch up with old friends as well as meet new friends. We use LinkedIn to network with business professionals, and Twitter to keep us informed of the breaking news of the day.

If you are one of the 11 million people in the United States looking for work, chances are you are attempting to use social media to your advantage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people today use approximately two different methods for trying to find a new job — and almost always, one of those methods involves the Internet.

What to Post Online

Highlight your best personal attributes when promoting yourself. The market is saturated with educated, qualified people, so figure out the unique things that make you the best person for the job. Once you’ve identified these traits, market them online. Use social media to post about your accomplishments, your goals and your ideas.

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Aug 20 2014

Standing Out in a Job Search

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with defining who you are based on NOT being someone else. Let me explain. When I was in high school, I didn’t really stand out. Despite how hard I tried. Grew my hair long, dyed it green. Whatever it was I tried, it didn’t really work. I was still the quiet, unremarkable white kid in
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Aug 13 2014

That’s right, I just used “blog” as a verb, like “google” or “text.” It’s been long enough now that blogging has become an acceptable part of our online experiences. We read blogs, learn something from them, and leave comments almost every day. But there are still so many mistakes people make when they attempt it, if they attempt it. Inconsistent
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